About me

I am Robert Klotzner born 1986 in Vienna (Austria). Since I learned in school that anyone owning a computer has the means to write programs for it, I bought a 1200 pages book on C++ and was into programming. Since then I am a self taught passionate programmer, both as a hobby and professionally. Later I also learned Java, Python, Lua, Assembler and D. D was the first language that finally let me leave my mother tongue (C++) behind a bit, until I finally learned Haskell and was sold on statically typed functional programming and Haskell in particular, embracing laziness. I had courses about Haskell at the Vienna University of Technology and worked through a bunch of books1 2 3.

In 2014, I became father of twins, which resulted in me writing a baby monitor in Haskell. Then I got invited to an “open-source innovation camp”, by Netidee. This led the groundwork for Gonimo: I applied for a funding to improve on my baby monitor and make it suitable for the general public. We did get the funding, so I paused my study on Electrical Engineering and brought, together with some awesome people, Gonimo to life. Gonimo is now a fully functional baby monitor, written end-to-end in Haskell. The web version is compiled via ghcjs to JavaScript and since recently we also have a native Android version on Google play, which is compiled to ARM assembly.

An earlier version of Gonimo was written in PureScript, you can find it here. In the course of this earlier version I wrote a couple of libraries, which you might find useful:

When I am not programming, I am usually with my kids. I also cycle a lot and I do kick boxing once to twice a weak.